Single Barrel Wheated

American Straight Malt Whiskey Distilled from a wheat beer

Single Barrel #18-0039
10th Anniversary Exclusive Release

In our pursuit of creating flavorful whiskies from traditional beer styles, this single barrel release is distilled from a wheated mash of 70% pilsner malt and 30% white wheat malt. After maturing in American oak for 33 months, this barrel presented flavors that were simply too delicious to blend with other barrels. This full-bodied whiskey holds soft notes of toffee and vanilla wrapped in a malty, bready mouthfeel. The light oak carries through a long, flavorful finish. 275 bottle batch.


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Barrel No. 18-0039 Notes (92 proof)

Mash Bill

Wheated mash with 70% pilsner malt and 30% malted white wheat

Fermentation  7 days with specialty yeast selected for wheat beer

Distillation Double distilled to an average of 124 proof - bottled at 92 proof

Single Barrel 33 months in a 53 gallon, new American Oak barrel

Finishing Non-chill filtered. No flavorings or coloring added.

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