American Single Malt Whiskey 10th Anniversary Exclusive

Vienna American Single Malt
10th Anniversary Exclusive Release

This 500 bottle release celebrates the art of exploration in whiskey. Vienna malted barley, the dominant malt used in the mash, has inherently promising flavors of nuts and honey with a biscuity aroma.

We tried to write out a bunch of enticing descriptors, but this is one of those whiskies that's just straight up, gotta try it for yourself delicious. Double distilled then matured for 38 months, the resulting whiskey is simply enjoyable. More flavorful than we could have hoped and a very easy 100 proof sipper. 

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Vienna Notes (100 proof)

Mash Bill

Vienna and pale malted barley

Fermentation  14 days with California Ale yeast

Distillation Double distilled to an average of 124 proof - bottled at 92 proof

Barrels 38 months in newly charred, 53 gallon American Oak barrels

Finishing Non-chill filtered. No flavorings or coloring added.

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