American Single Malt Whiskey Distilled from a stout beer

The Story of Uprising

The story of Sons of Liberty and our entrance into craft whiskey began with UPRISING and the question "If whiskey starts as beer, why is no one brewing the beers we love and distilling them into whiskies?"

Using 100% malted barley, featuring the darker malts traditionally used in stout beers, we double distill it to create a clean and complex whiskey. Aged in newly charred American Oak barrels and complemented with toasted French oak, UPRISING offers an extremely smooth experience with vanilla and caramel flavors from the barrels and distinct mocha and coffee flavors from the mash bill.

Every revolution starts with an UPRISING.


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Uprising Notes (92 proof)

Mash Bill

Traditional stout mash with dehusked chocolate malt, roasted barley, crystal 45, biscuit malt and pale malt

Fermentation  14 days with classic American Ale yeast

Distillation Double distilled to an average of 124 proof - bottled at 92 proof

Barrels Minimum of 32 months in Newly Charred American Oak

Finishing Non-chill filtered. No flavorings or coloring added.

Uprising Awards & Accolades




Silver World Whiskies Awards (Whisky Magazine) 2022
Gold The American Whiskey Masters 2018
Silver Wizards of Whisky 2018
Silver American Distilling Institute's Judging of Craft Spirits 2018
Bronze American Craft Spirits Association's Judging of Craft Spirits 2018
Double Gold The Fifty Best - American Single Malt Tasting 2018
Gold World Whiskies Awards (Whisky Magazine) 2017
Gold Craft Awards International Competition 2016
Gold North American Bourbon and Whiskey Competition
Gold MicroLiquor Spirit Awards - Taste 2016
Gold MicroLiquor Spirit Awards - Package & Design
Silver World Whiskies Awards (Whisky Magazine)
Silver American Craft Spirits Association's Judging of Craft Spirits
Silver Whiskies of the World Awards
Denver International Spirits Competition 2016
Bronze Washington Cup Spirits Competition
Gold Artisan Awards
Silver Whiskies of the World Awards
Bronze New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2015
Best Whiskey Packaging Drammie Awards 2015
Bronze American Distilling Institute's Judging of Craft Spirits
Silver New York World Wine & Spirits Competition
Bronze American Distilling Institute's Judging of Craft Spirits 2014

"I am never going to the Glens, Cragganmore or Highland ever again! After the first taste of the Uprising 92 Proof Single Malt by Sons of Liberty, I was blown away! The smooth full flavor taste with a light oak finish is better than the imports I USED to drink! By far, this is my favorite SOL product!"  (12/29/17)
Bob Hassan - SOL Loyalist
Finish: See’s Candies (mint, chocolate, toffee, nuts), caramel, butter rum lifesaver, bitter almond, nutmeg, cinnamon, bay leaves, spice, pepper, salty, menthol, pinecones, wood-forward, oak wood, smooth, approachable, great finish. (2/12/18)
The Fifty Best
"The nose on this is chocolate malty goodness. It has a rich syrupy and spiced base with waves and waves of chocolate. Like a spiced chocolate malt shake! The palate is like bittersweet chocolate with sweet cherry fruit notes. To me it's as if a Queen Anne Cordial was made into a whiskey! The finish leaves you feeling like you had a big bowl of cereal with coffee, going down with minimal alcohol burn. It's super smooth and a perfect holiday dram! I'll be sipping on this pretty often and I'm excited to see what is next for Sons of Liberty!" (11/28/17)
Jenna - @WhiskyAGoGirl
"Nose: Cocoa and coffee come through, along with apples and figs, vanilla and caramel.

Palate: Apple, cocoa, vanilla, caramel, and honey all come through. A hint of spice comes through at the end. The finish, though, is surprisingly vanilla and cream and finishes dry and clean...This is a wonderful whiskey. Well executed. Beautifully done. Like me when I first tasted it, it will open your eyes! Strike another blow for the Sons of Liberty and for Rhode Island!" (Published in The New Single Malt Whiskey - 10/25/16)
Carlo DeVito - Whiskey Writer
[80 proof review]
"Malt whiskey with a mashbill similar to a craft-brewed stout—think dark roasted malts—and then aged in new charred oak with an addition of toasted French oak. The nose is sweet young malt touched with chocolate. There’s an additional hit of cocoa at first taste, then heat, oak, vanilla, and more sweet malt, followed by a finish that’s increasingly chocolatey and dry." (Summer 2014)
Lew Bryson - Whisky Advocate
[80 proof review]
"Nose: Sweet and savory toffee with chocolate. Followed by smooth vanilla and caramel. It finishes with nice malty cereal grains, with a very subtle spice. Almost no ethanol on the nose (80 proof)

Taste: Sweet but dry coffee followed by a fruity chocolate. Spicy vanilla and caramel. Finishing dry with hints of cereal grains. Finish: Extremely smooth going down with minimal burn. The whiskey leaves a very tasty coffee and cereal grains behind, leaving you wanting more." (06/27/17)
[80 proof review]
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