Finished with Oak Staves Barrel Selection Series

Sons of Liberty Bourbon Whiskey

At Sons of Liberty, we have an insatiable curiosity for flavor - some might call it an obsession. The Barrel Selection Series is dedicated to handpicking whiskey barrels from other distilleries for the sole purpose of enhancing their flavor through finishing.

For this offering, we seek out Bourbon Whiskey with a high rye influence to soften the sweetness from the corn. After carefully finishing the barrels with a combination of toasted oak staves, the result is a well-rounded Bourbon Whiskey with depth of flavor.

Bold, yet approachable, with rich notes of toasted vanilla and caramel. Complemented by hints of spice and dark fruit that carry through to a smooth finish.

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Bourbon Notes (94 proof)

Mash Bill

Corn, rye and malted barley with a high rye content

Barrels 5 years in charred, new American Oak

Finishing Combination of toasted oak staves selected to round out the bourbon and provide more depth

Flavor Toasted vanilla and caramel with hints of spice and dark fruit

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