Belgian Wheat

Distilled Spirits Specialty Distilled from a Belgian wheat mash

Belgian Wheat - Distilled Spirits Specialty

Distilled from our True Born Belgian wheat mash of malted barley, wheat and oats, then fermented with a Belgian yeast strain, this spirit has exceedingly flavorful beginnings. An enjoyable layer of complexity is added from its time spent newly charred American Oak barrels.

Floral, fruity and citrusy with complementary vanilla, oak and caramel notes. You'll want to take your time exploring this one.

What is a Distilled Spirits Specialty?

Distilled Spirits Specialty (DSS) is a catch-all for products that don't fit into any other defined class or type. Our Belgian Wheat DSS is made just like our other whiskies, however, because of the additional ingredients in the mash (non-grains) it cannot be defined as a whiskey. But's just a super unique whiskey.

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Belgian Wheat DSS Notes (92 proof)

Mash Bill

Malted barley, wheat and oats with coriander, sweet orange peel, lemongrass and cascade & chinook hops

Fermentation  Belgian yeast

Distillation Double distilled to an average of 124 proof - bottled at 92 proof

Barrels 44 months in newly charred American oak

Finishing Non-chill filtered. No flavorings or coloring added.

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